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Alba Plastics are one of the few plastic packaging manufacturers in the UK that specialise in food grade packaging only. We decided to be the best you have to be the best at one particular subject so we decided to specialise in food grade packaging.

With our own manufacturing plant using the latest and greatest manufacturing machinery we can supply high quality, affordable food grade packaging. We have our very own range of products or we can manufacture bespoke packaging specifically for your requirements.

Alba Plastics are always interested in looking after our environment and as such we recycle our own skeletal waste and use it to produce other products creating our very own closed loop system.

Why not have a look at all the services we offer from the menu above.

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Design & Development

Alba Plastics can manufacture your exact design with the help of our specialised design team. If you require a tray made specifically for your product and something off the shelf just doesn’t work for you then we can help. Alba plastics can design products to suit the requirements of the customer, tooling can be designed using the […]

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Injection Moulding

Alba Plastics use only the best injection moulding machinery to produce high quality plastic products including food grade plastic packaging, car components, pharmaceutical packaging and any other product that you can think of that is injection moulded

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The process of heating and moulding plastic materials is called thermoforming. It uses sheets of  plastic in various different forms which is extruded in varying levels of thickness, depending on its intended purpose. Thermoforming can use several different types of molds and processes in order to achieve the final product. History The Romans are thought to be the earliest known civilisation […]

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The Three R’s Alba Plastics always practise the three R’s when producing plastic packaging and products. Renew Reuse Recycle Today the market for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is being driven producers, retailers and consumers needs to be socially and environmentally responsible. Eco packaging solutions are being designed using green principals that put less demand on the planets ecosystem and […]

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Plastic Packaging

Alba Plastics manufacture high quality bespoke plastic packaging covering the food, personal care, healthcare, pharmaceutical, nutritional, pet care, automotive and household products markets. With our specialist machinery we can produce large quantities quickly and can also supply small runs of products. With our in house design and development team our designers can work with you to […]

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Alba Plastics completes its closed loop system with the use of granulating machines which granulate waste/excess plastic from the production of our other products which is then re-used to create new products without the need for more virgin plastic keeping the recycling loop closed as much as possible.  

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BRC Certified

Alba Plastics are fully BRC accredited which will help you get your products in to the super markets.